The French language is the third of the Romance languages ​​in terms of number of speakers as a native language, after Spanish and Portuguese, but the only one with a strong presence in all five continents and the only one with approximately 600 million native speakers, first or second language. 2006 was the fourth spoken language in the world with 520 million speakers. This increase comes mainly from the daily frenzied population growth of African countries. In 1999 French was the 11th most spoken language in the world. In Europe, spoken by 72 million French speakers native speakers (France 65 million, Belgium Switzerland 4.5m 1.5m). Outside Europe, spoken by 10 million in Canada, 8 in Haiti along with French and Creole 160-500.000.000 speakers who use it as a second language and as the first among others in the Belgian Congo, Côte d'Ivoire and Cameroon. Is an official language in various communities and organizations, including the European Union, the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations (the UN's official language along with English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic) and the only official language for the Universal Postal Union). Before the Second World War the French (and English) are considered as an international language, especially in fields such as diplomacy, lingua franca in trade, shipping and transport. Today they are together with English and Spanish as strong language in diplomacy. The UNESCO World Francophone Organisation (OIF). counts 57 countries, states and provinces, that have French as an official language and there the French minority is very strong. French is one of the two working languages ​​of the European Union, and the second foreign language teaching in schools around Europe after English. The global distribution of the population speaks French appear on the map.